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Digitalization of business identity is necessary; Limitations of paper visiting card.


If you carry a digital business identity in your smartphone, multiple doors start opening for you. And even if you know that a digital transformation is necessary to generate sells lead and to avoid lagging behind the competitors, you’re still likely to have doubts about its depth.


Can a visiting/business card help you to grow ?


l  Represent business portfolio.

l  Seek attention & create a favorable first impression.

l  Attract potential customer.

l  Give a face to your brand.

l  Create a space in the sub-conscious mind of the customers.

l  Establish personal connections.


In this digital era online presence is the key to grow your business. As a result regular visiting card trend has been vanished. Professionals find below challenges while using the same.


l  Need professional designer to design your visiting card.

l  Can’t neglect the cost of redesigning.

l  Acquires a good amount of space for storage in wallets.

l  Less information.

l  Not environment friendly.

l  Can’t be shared digitally.

Need professional designer:

Not every small organizations can afford to hire a professional graphic designer, but a graphic designer with many years of experience can create card design that make a desired impression.    

Can’t neglect the cost of redesigning:

Most organizations focus on re branding so redesigning cost can’t be neglected. Redesigning leads to reprinting of cards.

Acquires a good amount of space for storage in wallets:

Paper business cards become a good heap of cards in a few months as professionals meet new clients / customers frequently. Finally it occupies a good amount of space in wallet & office table.

Less information:

Paper visiting cards contain very less information about the professional & his/her business.

Not environment friendly:

3.5 billion to 07 billion trees are cut per year. Paper is made from trees. Indirectly using visiting cards lead to deforestation.

Can’t be shared digitally:

It is hard to share your visiting card to those professionals who are away from you.

A Small research:

  • Sales increase of a company for every 2000 paper cards passed out 2.5%.
  • Cards threw out in less than a week 88%.
  • People who threw a card away because they don’t need the service at the moment 63%.

Let’s say you worked hard to meet 100 new people. As per the statistics, only 12 people are going to keep your perfectly printed business card. Now, out of these 12, only 8 people are likely to save your card details. Do you still think, this is a good option, making connections this way?

To fight against all this challenges SNAPKAR introduced a revolutionary product “Digital Business Card” in the year 2019.

Check Digital Visiting Card Samples on  http://snapkar.com/index.php

Create your Digital card here http://snapkar.com/register.php 

See Benefits of Digital Visiting Card http://snapkar.com/benefits.php


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